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Our Customers' Reviews

Wayne, Chris, and their band of merry men have kept my 2003 Mini Cooper on the road for the past several years. They have done some extraordinary problem solving, have a couple of times helped decide on an order of repairs to make them financially feasible, and bailed me out of a crisis. Having owned several foreign cars, I find their pricing reasonable, and they are great fun to work with! I recommend them highly.

— Leeann W., Berkley, MI

Love Quality Foreign Car Care of Berkley. They get it right! You'll like doing business with these guys. I've been a customer now for about four years. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

— Connie H., Dearborn, MI

If you are in the Metro Detroit area and are looking for an excellent, trustworthy mechanic for your foreign (or in my case, a foreign-made-to-look-American Pontiac Vibe) car, check out Quality Foreign Car Service in Berkley. Wayne and his guys know their stuff. I used to be totally anxious about going to a mechanic, but now I feel comfortable taking my car in when I have an issue. I know that I won't be upsold, lied to, or pressured into agreeing to repairs my car doesn't need. These guys are fantastic.

— Cathy M., Berkley, MI

Quality Foreign Car Service took great care of my 2007 Subaru Forester. I highly recommend this shop! No Sales Pitch, Just Honest Service! Thanks Wayne.

— Daniel J., Southfield, MI

I was new to the area and needed to trade in my Arizona car for an AWD for Michigan driving - decided on a Volvo and stopped by to get a perspective from Quality. They immediately earned my trust - PLUS! Told the dealer I was taking it the car I was considering there for an assessment and they knew Wayne - said he knows his stuff and doesn't miss anything. That was seven years ago and I'm still a Quality FAN! Wayne and Chris are thorough, give me options without pressure - just perspective. I want to keep my car as long as I can depend on it - safe and good performance, Wayne and Chris have told me they can keep it running well for 300,000 miles or more if that's what I want. Always good to have options - that's what they provide. They've built a track record of knowledge, performance and trust!

— DeeDee M., Berkley, MI

I brought in my 2004 Volvo C70in for service and Chris and crew did a excellent repair job and thoroughly checked my car for what it needed. Fair price with excellent service. I will be back!

— Kimberly D., Southfield, MI

I usually don't submit reviews, but I'm compelled to do so for Chris and his excellent mechanics at Quality Foreign Car Service. They did a great job on two of my cars. The work was top-notch, timely, and very detailed. Their pricing is very reasonable and they kept me updated on the work every step of the way. I'll be coming back for sure!

— Carlo B., Southfield, MI

Hands down best repair shop ever. Chris has kept my old Volvo purring for 13 years and 145k miles. This is by far the longest Ive ever owned a car and all credit goes to Chris, Wayne and the crew at Quality. Excellent work, quick service, and fair pricing they are truly the best!

— Terri M., Birmingham, MI

I was in town for a visit and had an issue caused by the Acura dealer in Chicago. Chris and his team did an exceptional job fixing the issue and rechecking the work the dealer did. They found another issue the dealer did incorrectly preventing a future issue. I highly recommend them to anyone local. I wish they were in Chicago!!!!

— Patti K., Chicago , IL

Frustrated with a troublesome Volvo C-30 replacement transmission, and attempting to wade through an overload of technical feedback, we were referred to QFCS and Wayne Solanskey. "Wayne has forgotten more about Volvos than most professional gear heads will ever know," was the advice. That turned out to be the magical elixir at the end of a long and frustrating day. With patience and kindness (yes KINDNESS!!!), Wayne instantly sized our situation, then explained in lay terms several options that would put our beloved C-30 back on the road. His professional expertise, generously shared, was obvious. And we now have a source of knowledge and trust in the often times arcane world of Volvo service. Thank you Wayne!

— Gregory S., Traverse City, MI

Chris and company at Quality Foreign Care Service have my absolute strongest recommendation. For several personal reasons I had to drive my Saab from Virginia to Michigan while on a short military leave. The car doesn't get driven much as I take the bus to work most of the time, so on my way the power steering pump gave out. Chris made room on a very busy day for him, did a very thorough and honest check of the car, and was able to get me back on the road. Absolute honesty, superb quality work, going the extra mile, and reasonably priced especially compared to Northern Virginia. Give them you business!

— Daniel B., Fairfax, VA

Chris and the team have been wonderful. I bought my daughter a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe, which developed a problem with the fuel injectors. After being tramatized by cost to repair by the Hyundai dealership, I went and spoke with Chris, who provided me with a reasonable and cost effective alternate solution. The vehicle runs great. Chris also performed a full check of the vehicle and prioritized repairs for me to work on a little at a time. Team provided great customer service with honesty and integrity.

— Karen F., Oak Park, MI

You actually make it apeapr so easy along with your presentation however I find this topic to be really one thing which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and extremely large for me. I'm taking a look forward to your next post, I'll attempt to get the dangle of it!

— Arman A., EVxcoRAu8A, MI

They told me I could hold off on a brake job because I could get another 5,000 miles or so without undue risk. I brought it back to them 5,000 miles later for that brake job with a renewed faith in humanity. A repair shop that actually had put a customer's pocketbook before their own. They've made a lifetime customer out of me.

— Alex T., Ann Arbor, MI

I live in Colorado, and even though the Toyota Tundra I was thinking of buying (from Suburban Toyota, in Troy) was certified, I still wanted it thoroughly checked out by an independent mechanic. I found Wayne through X-Files, and am I glad I did: he discovered the driver's side seat frame on this "certified" vehicle was broken. He offered to re-check the dealership's repairs before I shipped the car out of state, and then refused to accept any payment from me for his time & expertise when the deal fell through. Too bad he's thousands of miles away, because he'd be my new mechanic.

— Steve W., Colorado Springs, CO

Wayne switched out the radiator in my 1998 Acura Integra; two months later the upper radiator hose developed a tear and the coolant leaked everywhere in the engine cavity and under the car. I called Wayne back, explained what happened, and he told me how to drive the car to the shop (11 miles) from my office safely. When I arrived a replacement hose was being delivered. Wayne drained the engine, replaced the bad hose, refilled my coolant, and kept me at the shop with the car running hot until he was satisfied it was safe to go. Only charge was for parts, no labor. While it's a pretty non-time intensive fix that I could have done myself, Wayne did it quicker and cleaner and was more than willing to answer my questions of doom such as what I might be in for with my head gasket. Brian at the shop was also helpful. Highly recommended, they know what they're doing and care about the customer even after the sale.

— Rob L., Clawson, MI

My wife's 2001 Volvo S60 needed a new timing belt. QFCS was able to do the job for less than the dealer. Not only that, QFCS's price included a new water pump and power steering pump (which the dealer's price didn't include). Wayne said at 120,000+ it was only a matter of time until those parts went and it is a very labor intensive job to replace either one. By doing them at the same time as the timing belt, Wayne saved me a lot of money down the road. After talking with him for just 10 minutes I can tell he knows what he is talking about.

— Joseph E., Troy, MI

I have been a customer for 30 years. It is unfortunately rare to find people of integrity. Wayne, Chris and the rest of the staff have always dealt with me fairly. They do the work they say they will in a timely manner. They let you know what you need to have done and, sometimes more importantly, what you don't need to have done. They always stand behind their work.

— George H., Berkley, MI

If you LOVE your Foreign Car you go to Quality. Period! I was given a 1992 Volvo, 2 years ago. Good rubber, engine, brakes. First year, needed nothing, then the fun needed significant work, and I needed people I could Trust to provide Excellent work, tell me the Truth, and provide a Plan to Create and Maintain long term Health for my car, and, Driving Happiness/Peace of Mind for Me....and, to provide alternative solutions to make it as affordable as possible. After awhile, Wayne, Mike, Chris got to know my car, and me. I, always felt they actually Cared about Us, and, took Pride in what they did for Us. Getting referred to Quality was literally a G-D send. I could not recommend them more Highly!!!

— richard b., Southfield, MI

I have been taking my 2005 Volvo to Wayne since my vehicle was off the "included" maintenance schedule at the Volvo dealership, that has been over 100,000 miles ago. Wayne and his team are great mechanics and I have found them to be honest, trustworhy and fair. As the owner of an expensive import with 150,000 miles on the vehicle, I know for sure that the only reason the vehicle is in such great shape is because of the work that Wayne, Mike and Chris perform. I would recommend Quality Foreign Car Service and the work that is performed here, as I have been a customer for the past 5-6 years. And the car rides and drives just like it was when I had it delivered from Sweden to the local Volvo dealership in Troy, MI. At this rate, Wayne said I will easily hit 200K on my Volvo

— Bridget ., Birmingham, MI

Having my vehicle serviced at Quality saved me over $400 compared to quotes I received from other shops in the area. I needed a new clutch, and Wayne was great at explaining everything so I felt comfortable/confident with my repairs. I would highly recommend, and look forward to having my car serviced here in the future.

— Mike B., St. Clair Shores, MI